This was my second opportunity shooting at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.  I love all the different backdrops you can use in one central location, especially the beach area.

The shoot started out more than ideal with the temperature and overcast skies giving us the perfect light.  Unfortunately, after 30 minutes Mother Nature decided to intervene. Normally wind and rain would put a damper on a photo shoot, but these two were troopers.  We ended up with some awesome shots in the pouring rain and got their own romantic version of “The Notebook” movie poster.

Congrats to these newlyweds! Kelly and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding weekend in the Outer Banks next June!

2015-10-04_00012015-10-04_00022015-10-04_0003Adrienne Engagement-29Adrienne Engagement-16Adrienne Engagement-34Adrienne Engagement-362015-10-04_0004Adrienne Engagement-45Adrienne Engagement-562015-10-04_0005

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The UCI Road World Championships were recently hosted for 10 days here in the RVA. At first I was a little skeptical because I had never seen cycling like this, but I’m so glad I decided to go check it out. By the end of the weekend I was hooked!

Seeing all the colors from around the world scattered through the streets and then flying by right in front of you was awesome.

The people of Richmond turned out in masses on Sunday, and the atmosphere around the course was pretty special. As you can see from the picture, Libby Hill was the place to be and was such an awesome spot to check out the action. Enjoy!



Look how close the action was to the spectators!


Here’s the winner Peter Sagan of Slovakia taking a corner


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It’s been a couple weeks since I shot this wedding and when I look back there’s nothing but great thoughts. Swan Harbor Farms was the perfect setting for this beautiful outdoor ceremony. Lori was one of the easiest brides to work with, not to mention absolutely stunning in that dress. It’s not a dress that a lot of brides could have pulled off but she looked flawless.

These two treated Kelly and I like we were family, like we had somehow known them forever. By the end of the night, we were out on the dance floor with the bridal party having a blast. I also did two things I had never done at a wedding before, 1) Take a selfie with the mother-of-the-bride (at her request haha) and 2) Take a shot of Patron with the groom. Needless to say, this reception was a killer party!

I wish these two nothing but the best in their new life together.

2015-09-28_00012015-09-28_0002Brandon & Lori-27Brandon & Lori-37Brandon & Lori-44Brandon & Lori-88Brandon & Lori-932015-09-28_00032015-09-28_0006Ceremony-63Ceremony-712015-09-28_00042015-09-28_0005Brandon & Lori-114Brandon & Lori-95Bridal Party-Family-59Bridal Party-Family-02Bridal Party-Family-14Bridal Party-Family-082015-09-28_0007Reception-23Reception-50Reception-992015-09-28_0008Reception-231Reception-232Reception-2392015-09-28_0009Reception-271

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In the last few weeks the Real Estate side of my photography business has started to pick up quite a bit. I really enjoy making someone’s home look good with the hope of finding the right buyer that will hopefully fall in love with that home.

This house however, does not need my help to look good. It belongs to the amazing Amy Spearing, whose work you can see here. I’ve gotten to know Amy over the last few months and she does fantastic work. She can help any client on any sort of budget, no matter how large or small.

I thought I’d show off some of the design in her own home, and give a glimpse of what a wide-angle lens and natural light can do for interior photos. Enjoy!


Check out this awesome screened-in porch. The floor boards are painted, and Amy gives them a fresh coat of paint every year


This office is stylish and fun with the patterned wallpaper and zebra rug


These have to be the most sophisticated bedrooms I have ever seen


How about this ridiculously luxurious Master Bath? I love the claw foot tub


This is the family’s “hang out” room as Amy puts it. Still impressive

IMG_9047IMG_9048I think one of the most impressive things about Amy is her eye for detail and staging. My wife and I are always looking for great “knick knacks” as we call them, and Amy has them all over her house. Oh and check out the wallpaper detail going up the stairwell

IMG_89952015-09-16_00012015-09-16_0002I’m still not so sure how anyone could possibly live in a house that’s designed and decorated this well, but Amy swears it’s true. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Amy, even if it’s just for a consultation. This lady has some serious talent.

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I want to introduce baby Nash to the blog! Now technically Nash was four weeks old when we did this shoot, so he wasn’t quite a newborn. He didn’t act like one either as he stayed wide awake for the entirety of our shoot. But we rolled with it and still got some great shots. The first word that comes to mind when I see these images is ‘squishy’ and I think that totally sums up this little cutie. Hope you guys like what you see!


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