This past weekend I was lucky enough to get a photo pass to The National here in RVA and shoot the Ingrid Michaelson concert. It turned out to be a difficult show to shoot, but I am happy with the some of the images I ended up with.

Shooting concerts is kind of crazy for a couple of reasons; you’re cramped down in a small space in front of the front row, you’re only allowed to shoot for the first three songs of the artist’s set, and the worst is obviously the poor lighting conditions.

I’ve only had the chance to photograph three concerts so far, and this was by far the hardest. Ingrid is an awesome artist, but her stage set-up is pretty basic. No set design. No lighting. Nothing. Just her and her little guitar in front of the mic. The other shows I’ve been to had elaborate designs behind them and/or their own lighting. So this one was definitely a challenge, but I like that.

I’ve reached out to 20+ bands and have only gotten a photo pass from three. But I’m not going to let that keep me from continuing to contact more, because I’ve had a great time shooting those three. Hope you guys like these!





The photo below/right is my favorite from the night



Shout out to her guitarist on the left, and the opener Greg Holden on the right


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I wanted to post something on the blog since I haven’t in a little while, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of new photos. So I’ve decided to share with you guys some of my all-time favorite photos from the world of food photography instead. I can’t really explain it, but I really enjoy taking a great plate of food and trying to make it look even better. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot for some awesome restaurants here in Richmond (Toast, Estilo, The Daily & Pearl Raw Bar) and I hope to shoot for more some day. If anyone knows of any restaurants/chefs/food trucks that are looking to enhance their website/food send them my way! Enjoy!IMG_1673IMG_7055IMG_2893IMG_0349-2IMG_1591IMG_80272015-01-24_0001IMG_0332IMG_1611IMG_0551IMG_2908IMG_8118

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I was lucky enough to squeeze in a few more photo shoots before the new year (actually one was shot on New Years Day).  Midlothian Mines has quickly become a go-to location for me, and Huguenot park is always great. Thanks to all the families in these pictures, and I hope everyone had a great 2014!





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It’s that time of year again, the time when families are scrambling to get pictures taken for their yearly Christmas card. Or in the case of Chris and Susan, for their first family photo in eight years! I’m so lucky that they all asked me to shoot those photos for them, and I think they turned out great. Hope you all enjoy!






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It was so nice to be able to head across the country and visit with Randy & Chelsea again this year. We loved getting to meet our new little niece Maren, she is freaking adorable! Those big eyes are the sweetest! London & Liam have grown so much over the last year and they are such cute little boys. Kelly and I had such a great time hanging out with these little munchkins and we can’t wait to see them again this summer!
















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